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Cheshire Travel Guide

Cheshire is a county in northwest England that attracts many visitors. According to statistics, the county recorded over 2.8 million UK and overseas visitors combined in 2003. The number has been steadily rising in the last two decades. This guide finds out more about Cheshire's transport, the attractions and fun activities, and hospitality.

Getting Around

Cheshire can be accessed by air, road, railway, and sea. There are the M6, M62, M53, and M56 motorways and bus services when it comes to getting around. Besides road transport, Cheshire has a robust railway network. Visitors can also get around using waterways in the Cheshire canal system.

Attractions and Fun Activities

There are so many attractions to visit in Cheshire. The must-visit places include the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, Ness Botanic Gardens, The Brindley Theatre, Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Tatton Park, Chester Zoo, and Cholmondeley Castle Gardens. When it comes to fun activities, there are plenty of options. Visitors can participate in golfing, sightseeing, wine tasting, boating, bird watching, etc. Take your time, enjoy the tranquility and take a moment to  think about your forex trading strategy.


Chester has many hotels and other forms of accommodation, including Airbnb services. The restaurants serve both local and international dishes. Hotel and restaurant prices are quite affordable in the county. The locals in Cheshire are very cordial, so visitors don't have to worry about a thing.

The best time to visit Cheshire is during Autumn when there are few visitors. During summer, the weather is excellent, but tourist flow peaks, and so do the prices.